Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Handmade Artisan Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and Bridal Jewelry at FuchsiaBloomStudio

Handmade jewelry at FuchsiaBloomStudio can be colorful, playful, elegant and artsy!

The artisan who owns the shop and designs the pretty bead earrings, cool metalworked earrings, stylish bracelets, classic pearl and stone necklaces, and lovely bead necklaces on display at FuchsiaBloomStudio has a true talent for making beautiful jewelry.

This artisan has been making her gorgeous handcrafted jewelry for more than 17 years. Although a trained artist, her experience as a jewelry designer began as a hobby - as it does for many of us. Of course once the bug bites, its hard to stop - and that's how her business began!

I chose four items to share from her shop. These pretty styles are a good representation of her creative work ... I think you'll like them as much as I do!

What a fantastic blue color! This artisan's Selena Earrings - Aqua Briolettes and Hammered Sterling Wire are a nice simple design with a load of style!

The aqua color briolettes are glass. They're suspended from hand forged spiral S links, with dyed quartz accent beads at the top. These dangles are easy and comfortable to wear with the sterling silver French hook style ear wires. Other colors are also available - choose from ruby red, forest green, amber, clear, black, or dark warm purple. Fabulous at $30.00 per pair!

Everyone loves glorious red garnet! The color of the garnet used to make this bracelet is phenomenal. Red, bright and sparkly, and the different shapes make this a VERY interesting bracelet!

Made with memory wire, this pretty bracelet will fit just about any size wrist. These are also called wrap bracelets, because they literally wrap around the wrist, adjusting to your size.

Red goes with a lot of colors, so you'll get a lot of wear out of this bracelet! Have it shipped right to your door ... for only $15.00!

These Sterling Silver Wave Earrings really are very unique - actually, they're spectacular! The slight, graceful curves in the thick, substantial sterling silver wave shape dangles lend a sensuous, almost primitive feel to this design, a stark contrast to the precision cut Swarovski crystal components above.

These unusual, one of a kind earrings are 3" from top to bottom - including the French hook ear wires. These may not be everyday earrings ... but when you do wear them, they'll add a ton of sophistication to any outfit! Give them a home ... these fab earrings could be yours for just $35.00!

This pair of chandelier earrings is my last choice today. Again, not really an everyday pair of earrings ... these are pretty special, and you'll want to save them to impress!

Put these Blackberries - Black and Purple Chandelier Earrings on with a slinky black dress and you'll ooze glamour in every direction! Romantic and feminine, these earrings are a combination of Czech crystal and mauve color freshwater pearls. They are available in other colors; see the page above for more information. They're only$30.00!

Most of the jewelry is in the categories mentioned above. But you'll also find outstanding items in the other categories; bridal jewelry, vintage style necklaces, hair accessories and jewelry sets. If you make your own jewelry, you might want to visit her jewelry parts supply shop!

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Beautiful choices Bob and a great write up.

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FuchsiaBloomStudio is fabulous! I love those wave earrings, but those aqua yummies are to die for!

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Fuchsia's work is so lovely and feminine! Great write up, Bob!

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Beautiful Jewelry!

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Fuchsia Bloom's jewelry designs are so pretty. Great shop.

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Thanks Bob for such an awesome write up! It made my day!

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Gorgeous jewelry!

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Lovely shop, lovely feminine jewelry!!