Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just wanted to stop in ...

Its time to make the rounds here again, and so here it is! I've been keeping busy with the JETs over at Etsy lately, doing blog posts and tweets to promote my fellow team members. I'm much better with the JET blog; I post every day there and love doing it! And I've really done a lot to optimize my Etsy handmade jewelry store, hoping to get higher up in Google searches. I finally got the GoogleBase thing right; the last two weeks in a row I've had the maximum number of items uploaded. So ... pretty good so far!

I've got lots of design ideas ... gotta write 'em down or I'll forget - there is just so much to do! But I'm getting past each hurdle - one at a time!

I've also been doing some things to improve the website ... more social network links, cleaned out the onsite shopping directory so there aren't any dead links, and re-wrote the anchor text of some existing incoming links so they're more relevant to the content on the pages they connect to. Maintaining a site like ours is hard work, and I need to spend a few more hours a week on that also.

I'll stop in again very soon ... Bob:J24-7

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am a busy man but

I know I need to do some stuff here too, and I've been neglecting it as usual. I get so wrapped up in my daily stuff to do that time just flies by, as they say! So here it is ... November already and I have lots to do as usual.

Our ETSY shop was Jet of the Day one day last week. Kinda weird to write about your own shop, but ... I love doing the post every day, so ... I treated us like any other JOD, and wrote a nice post about Jewelry24Seven on Etsy. Now I need to pay more attention HERE as well, so ... I'm gonna try!

I decided a month or two ago that I would try to make smaller, lighter pieces of jewelry. Silver is kind of expensive right now, and so I'm making open back pendants and ring settings. I'm trying to make pieces that I can offer for less; people simply don't have as much to spend as they used to. Nice things don't have to be big:

this Sterling Silver and Lab Ruby Ring is a great example!

Time to go back to work. I'll try to be ... less of a stranger here. Till next time ... Bob:J24-7