Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Street fair update

I have been a busy guy ... lots of website sales lately, keeping me busy. The past few street fairs have been pretty good as far as sales go, but last week (Saturday) was not fun ... it was very windy and I spent the day picking stuff up. Our canopy was OK because we weigh it down with sand on each leg - but other a lot of other vendors were NOT prepared. The PSYCHIC should have known ... her canopy went flying! We have 3 fairs left this season. This week (Saturday) it looks like its gonna rain so we may skip it. I hate to do that but if the weather is going to be bad, no one will come out anyway. We'll have to see ...

Here are the three we have left:

Saturday October 27 -
Park Avenue South Autumn Fair -Park Ave. South from 17th St. to 23rd St.

Saturday November 3 - A.D.A's "World's Largest Block Party" -
Madison Ave. from 42nd to 57th St.

Saturday November 10 - Madison Avenue Holiday Expo -
Madison Ave. from 42nd to 57th St.

This was a failed experiment. Learned a lot ... but all in all, not something I want to do again.

Sticking to our web store ...