Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big day ahead!

So much to do ...

Our new stuff order arrived from Bali, Indonesia ... so now I have NEW Bali silver cuff bracelets and hoop earrings to put up on the site. Today is photo day ... and if I can, I'll get the stuff up there today. Terry's home this week and she'll help me so maybe it'll go faster than usual. Yesterday we went to Manhattan to meet our JET friend Barbara from CapitalCityCrafts and had a really nice visit! Just made a chain ... and I have to ship it, so ... until next time!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lotsa stuff on my plate!

So it isn't food. Work, as usual! Going full steam with the social networking and writing a post a day for the Jet Team Blog spotlighting the Jet of the Day. I've been going through the website using Google Webmaster Tools and fixing any problems I can. and I ordered a bunch of new stuff - Bali silver cuff bracelets and Bali silver hoop earrings. They're coming from the distributor I deal with there so the jewelry will take about a week to arrive.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Very Active Summer!

With the economy in the tank I figured I would have problems doing business, but it has been a very busy summer season! I've had lots of custom orders. The last two were for rings, and the styles couldn't have been more different!

This one features Chinese characters that say "Red Thread" ... there is an old proverb that says people who love each other are connected by an invisible red thread ... it went to a couple who are adopting an orphan from China ...

The second is made with wire, and the person who ordered it wanted it made to cover her entire finger. The entire ring is hand forged ...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Midsummer ...

I love this time of year ... usually. In NYC the weather has been rainy, but not too hot ... kind of strange. On rare days when it doesn't rain though ... its been perfect. The rain makes the weeds grow ... well, like weeds. Hard to deal with!

So I have been very busy this past month. I now use six social networking services on a regular basis. And I've been networking with the JETs on Etsy, exchanging links and promoting through the JET blog. I know that eventually all of this will pay off ...