Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daily Handmade Jewelry Showcase:
Fabulous Designs in Black and Red!

Welcome to another Daily Handmade Jewelry Showcase! Five days a week, I take you for a look at four amazing jewelry pieces created by very talented independent jewelry designers.

I'm Bob Edwards, and I began making jewelry more than 40 years ago - at the age of 14! I've been making and selling my silver jewelry for more than 30 years now. I simply love jewelry!

As I always do, we're going to focus on several outstanding handcrafted jewelry pieces made by Etsy artisans! I chose these pieces based on color, design, and workmanship. They're all attractive, very fashionable and a great value.

So ... Let's get this show started ...

This first piece is a necklace made by O.V. Gillies Designs! This jewelry artisan personally makes and designs every item she sells; her shop is filled with beautiful necklaces, earrings, oxidized silver jewelry and more. Most feature gems, pearls, art glass or crystal.

Olga works in her home studio located on the Isle of Arran, Scotland, UK. Her creations are influenced by her surroundings and she offers many pieces that show the inspiration behind her jewelry!

This necklace features a large black Swarovski crystal at the bottom; above, a cluster of red coral rounds. Each coral bead is wire wrapped and attached to the oxidized sterling silver chain. This coral & crystal necklace is only $52.00 ...

This lovely pair of vintage style earrings were made by Malves1009, also known as ... Elegant Vintage Inspired Jewelry by Michele! This fantastic New Jersey jewelry artisan loves to make new jewelry with both new and genuine vintage beads and other antique jewelry parts; lots of crystals, pearls, art glass and antiqued brass metal components go into her fabulous designs.

This wonderful jewelry designer made these cool Black and Red Earrings with fire - red faceted glass beads, black crystals and antique finish brass components.

Buy these pretty dangles today as a gift - or treat yourself! They're just $13.00 ... or spend some time browsing her amazing earrings, the necklace gallery, bracelets or her rings!

The beautiful necklace you see on the right was made by Kristy, the North Carolina jewelry designer and owner of CocosGreenhouse! Her shop's specialty is Handmade Bridal and Vintage Style Jewelry, and you'll find a great variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets offered in her shop. Many of these styles are appropriate for wear to a wedding or other formal occasion. There are also styles for everyday wear featuring cameos, nature inspired themes and more!

This jewelry artist's Off With Her Head Necklace was made as a tribute piece to the new Alice in Wonderland film! It has a lot of style going for it ... a chain of red rose beads is suspended between two black hearts, with another black and a red heart dangling to one side. A second chain runs across, below the rose bead chain. This unusual and very fashionable necklace is a 16" length; chains are silver tone; the hearts are rubber. This necklace is available exclusively at CocosGreenhouse; only $29.00!

I rarely review jewelry for men, because there isn't a lot of it offered on Etsy. This morning, I was searching for handcrafted jewelry items to feature in my daily post and saw this amazing pair of fused glass cufflinks by Mandy Treptow. Of course I decided right away they would be included in this post. I work at home, and rarely dress in a shirt and tie; but if I did I would want these cufflinks ... they're just $20.00!

These were made with a layer of opaque black glass is fused over a clear base, with red lines forming crosses in the center as a focal point. The backs are silver plated spring bar cufflink backs.

Mandy is an artisan based in London, England. Most of her work is in glass but you'll also find other art in her shop. She makes beautiful fused glass Cufflinks, and there is a nice selection of jewelry items in her Necklaces/Rings/Earrings section.

Please visit these four artisans today and have a look at what they're offering. Handmade items like this are always a great value; when you shop on Etsy with artisan shop owners, there is no middleman - you're buying directly from the maker! Support an artist ... Buy Handmade!

Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in handmade silver jewelry and custom made silver chains. This article may be reproduced provided all content and links in the article including this author's statement remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards


Coco's Greenhouse said...

Thanks so much Bob for featuring my "Off with Her Head Necklace"!! Such beautiful pieces you have chosen for today's color combination. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for featuring my cufflinks on your blog. I am proud that you found them all the way over in New York! I have featured you blog on my Facebook Fan Page:

Thanks again and greetings to NY!

Erika Price said...

Red and Black are a terrific, timeless combination, and I just love all your finds! Thanks for showing them to us Bob!

DG Jewelry Designs said...

Bob, wonderful write-up for some very talented jewelry designers.

Michele said...

Bob thanks so much for featuring me, I love the all featured jewelry and how they all look so pretty together, you're the best!!!!!!

Designs by Victoria said...

My absolute favorite color combo! Lovely pieces.

Beadsme said...

Ditto Vic. Just love red and black together.

Made By Tammy said...

Those pieces are just Gorgeous!

SendingLoveGallery said...

gorgeous finds Bob!

Lisa @thebeadgirl said...

wonderful post bob!!

you are a gifted writer...