Friday, June 18, 2010

Fused Glass for Men & Women
by EmotionalOasis

We're going to take a look at a Jet Team glass artisan today ... EmotionalOasis!

This artisan has been making beautiful handmade fused glass jewelry for a while now, and her art jewelry just keeps getting better! Most of her handmade jewelry pieces are fused glass pendants, made with hand cut glass, arranged in layers and fused together in her kiln.

But this technique is great for making a lot more than pendants ... you'll find a great variety of pretty fused glass stud earrings, hair accessories like barrettes and bobby pins, and even glass art for your Home and Office like candle holders, magnet sets and plates. This Sunday is Father's Day ... these four choices would be cool for Dad!

First up for your consideration ... a belt buckle! This piece can be found in this artist's Gifts For Dad category along with the other items featured in this post. This cool looking Twist of Lime Belt Buckle is made with three layers of artisan quality glass, fused and annealed in her kiln.

The buckle will fit any snap style belt 1 3/8" wide or smaller. Great for casual wear, it'll go perfectly with that hard to match lime green polo shirt you gave him last year. When you can make Dad happy for $30.00 ... its a bargain!

So you give Dad a tie every year, huh? Well ... here's something different ... a tie tack!

The Total Eclipse Tie Tac is a really cool accessory! Fabulous black and orangey red combine to make a really hot tie tac for wear with that usually stuffy black suit / red tie combination! Just a little bit of rebellious fashion to dress up that otherwise conservative business suit ... This bright, bold tie tack could be in Dad's gift bag ... for just $8.00!

Many men collect cufflinks the way women collect earrings ... they can never have enough! Even guys who wear nothing but a wedding ring will wear cuff links ... and you'll find a nice selection of handcrafted cufflinks at EmotionalOasis! Here are two pair ...

These cool Ribbons Cufflinks are made with a fantastic, deep dark shade of chocolate brown that seems to turn into a hazy grey color as the light moves across them. There are lighter ribbons of color running across near the edges. The glass looks like a deep pool of color ... they're really attractive cufflinks.

The backs are silver tone, standard T bar style cufflink backs.

Dad will like these cufflinks and you'll love the price ... $20.00!

This second pair is a little less conservative looking ... the almost casual style Party In Glass Cufflinks are a nice transparent blue color with red and yellow confetti chips visible in the blue glass!

These very cool art glass cufflinks will match with any combination of these colors ... think light blue shirt, dark blue suit with a nice blue, yellow and red tie ... neatly dressed with a wild streak ...

Expertly annealed for lasting durability and mounted on standard silver tone T bar style cufflink backs ... These are also $20.00.

You'll find a LOT more handmade jewelry at EmotionalOasis ... her very popular fused glass pendants come in three sizes; Mini Glass Pendants, Small Medium Pendants, and Large Art Glass Pendants. Browse the Necklaces section for her jewelry featuring pendants on chains, ready to wear; the Artisan Wrapped Treasure category for AMAZING wire wrapped art glass pendants like the beautiful Daring By Night Artisan Pendant; and the Anklets and Bracelets section for this artisan's pretty glass and gemstone bead jewelry!

If you're shopping for a gift, this is a great place for it. The prices are reasonable; the handcrafted jewelry is gorgeous. Bookmark this shop ... you'll want to come back again and again!

Lets peek into the Oasis and see what's new ...

Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in silver jewelry and silver chains. This article may be reproduced provided it contains this author's statement and all links remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards


Cher said...

I'm proud to say that I own much of this glass artisan's creations... and the quality and colors are awesome! Some of my best sellers are the hairpins I make with her beauties!

Made By Tammy said...

I love this shop! She has something for everyone, Awesome!

SendingLoveGallery said...

I enjoy Emotional Oasis beautiful glass and wire work!

BeadznBling said...

Dear funny sweet Emo - fantastic
'glassatarian' and cutting edge designs. Never afraid to try something new!

Beadsme said...

OMG I just love the love birds.

SilverSmack said...

Emotional Oasis makes the most amazing glass pieces. I wish she would list more ice cream dishes and plates!

Designs by Victoria said...

Such vibrant colors!

Fort Worth Auto Glass Repair said...

These fused glasses are very attractive for men as well as for women. As they are looking very sober and nice.

Brooke said...

I love the pop of color. Emo makes such pretty glass:)

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