Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Exotic Artisan Jewelry at Foret

Foret is a JET member shop that is focused on handcrafted gemstone jewelry.

You'll find a large variety of handmade jewelry made with gemstone beads, pearls, coral, amber, bone and more here; most of the pieces displayed are earrings, but there are a fair number of necklaces and bracelets as well. The categories are rounded out by some zipper pulls and hair accessories.

The jewelry offered in this shop is all made by this artisan personally. Many of these items are made with unique gemstones and they cannot be duplicated.

Worldwide shipping is FREE at Foret, so the listed price is just what you'll pay for any item you choose!

First I want to show you this turquoise pendant! I love turquoise,turquoise pendant
and some of the material coming from China is outstanding, especially
from the Hubei region. The two freeform turquoise stones in this pendant are a great blue color with interesting matrix patterns.

The design is a simple one, putting emphasis on the stones - where it should be. Separated by a beaded silver rondelle, the two stones compliment each other nicely.

Turquoise is a great gemstone to wear in the summer. It looks fabulous with a summer tan, and goes well with most brightly colored leisure clothing. It comes ready to wear with an adjustable cord; buy it today for $40.00!

These Black and White and Slinky Earrings are made with dyed bone. Bone is an ancient jewelry making material, probably one of the first; bone has become very popular since ivory trading was banned and import restrictions were made very tight. Bone is similar in that it can be carved easily; this gives it great design possibilities.

These earrings are incredibly lightweight. The stars at the top are carved through the dyed black surface to expose the white bone underneath for a striking effect. The large bead on the bottom is also dyed black bone; this bead is intricately carved. The white beads are common opal; and there are black onyx rondelles in this pair as well. All metal parts in these earrings are sterling silver; you could be wearing them for $30.00!

These are really different; I chose them for just that reason! These Red Jade Earrings with Lapis and Sterling Silver are certainly a lot more than the name implies.

I love the cloisonne end caps; I think they make these earrings special. The jade is an interesting shade; it matches the red in the cloisonne nicely, and the small lapis beads are an appropriate accent to the blue enamel. There are also a couple of sterling silver beaded edge rondelles in this design. These aren't small earrings; they're 2.75" top to bottom with the hook style ear wires. Only $44.00!

Last piece today is a bracelet. This bracelet features green freshwater pearls and Baltic amber, with an antique Chinese brass coin used as the focal component.

Finished with a gold plated magnetic clasp for ease of wear, this colorful bracelet makes a beautiful summery statement!

This bracelet is made to fit a 7" wrist (or smaller).

Own this one of a kind bracelet ... for only $50.00!

Foret has two other Etsy shops as well ... ForetTwo and Divine Design. Check them out!

A look into Foret's world ...

Robert Edwards is a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team - JET. He is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with over 30 years experience in the jewelry trade, specializing in silver jewelry and silver chains. This article may be reproduced provided the ETSY Mini, all links in the article and this author's statement remain intact. ©2010 Robert Edwards


SilverSmack said...

Gorgeous and exotic pieces!

DG Jewelry Designs said...

Fabulous jewelry designer. Be sure to visit Foret's shop.

3 squares said...

Foret's designs are so unique, so beautiful!

Ribasus said...

Great writeup! Thanks so much. And thanks for emphasizing the free worldwide shipping. This is an experiment for Foret which seems to be working, having a shop with all items at $100 and under.

Now, to find places for the higher end merchandise in the other shops!

GlitzGlitter said...

Foret's designs are so well thought out! Lovely, and a wonderful write up Bob!

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Foret has beautiful jewelry, love her shop! nice write-up Bob!

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love her shop!

such beautiful designs from a talented artist!

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Thanks for sharing this interesting shop full of unique handmade jewelry!

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Gorgeous Jewelry and Designer!

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Unique and exotic jewelry, creative designer!!