Friday, March 23, 2007

NEW ... 5.2mm Rolled Anchor chain

We've added another new chain - 5.2mm Rolled Anchor silver chain. This bold sterling silver chain is an attractive and strong style that appeals to men as well as women, and makes a great bracelet or short neck chain. Available from 4" to 36" or in any custom length with a standard lobster claw included or your choice of an optional fancy clasp.

Monday, March 19, 2007

NEW ... Silver Madeira Chain

We just added a new silver chain this morning ... Madeira chain. This silver chain is a very solid and strong style that looks great worn by itself or with a pendant. Usually available only as a gold chain, madeira is very attractive in silver and is a classic looking design sure to please just about anyone who loves silver jewelry. Of course, it can be ordered in any length ...

Friday, March 16, 2007

New Products

We have an extensive line of silver chain that can be purchased in any length, and it continues to grow. This week we added two new styles - sterling silver slope chain, and sterling silver charm bracelet (double curb) chain.

The double curb chain is THE classic choice for charm bracelets and charm necklaces. We currently offer a limited choice of charms along with the chain, but we plan to offer many more in the near future. Building a charm bracelet could not be easier or more convenient ... and the charms are permanently attached with soldered jump rings ... no more lost charms!

The slope chain is a "designer style" that is rarely seen in silver. It is a glittering beauty ...

All pieces are finished with a lobster claw clasp - with the option to choose a fancy lobster claw clasp or a toggle clasp instead. In addition to the choice of charm and clasp shoppers can choose any length from 5 inches to 36 inches - and of course, we can make chains any length on request.

2007 NYC Street Fair Schedule

Saturday September 15 - The Great Irish Festival -
6th Avenue from 42nd St. to 56th St.
Sunday September 23 - New Festival - 8th Avenue from 42nd St to 57th St
Saturday September 29 - Broadway Autumn Fair -
Broadway form Waverly Place to 14th St.
Saturday October 6 - Union Square Autumn Fair -
Park Ave. South from 17th St. to 23rd St.
Saturday October 13 - 8th Avenue Autumn Festival -
8th Ave. from 42nd to 57th St.
Saturday October 20 - Washington Square Festival -
Waverly Place from Broadway to 5th Ave.
Saturday October 27 - Park Avenue South Autumn Fair -
Park Ave. South from 17th St. to 23rd St.
Saturday November 3 - A.D.A's "World's Largest Block Party" -
Madison Ave. from 42nd to 57th St.
Saturday November 10 - Madison Avenue Holiday Expo -
Madison Ave. from 42nd to 57th St.

silver bracelets for men

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A beginning ...

Hi ... I'm Bob Edwards, the guy behind www.jewelry24seven.com - and I'm looking forward to having a bit more freedom to write what I want to here ... it seems all I write on the site is product descriptions etc ... Here, I'll be getting into lots of stuff related to silver jewelry, ranging from making it to selling it on the web and at street fairs here in New York City.

The site has been online for about six years now. It is growing - in size and popularity - at a steady pace. Our silver chains by the inch have been shipped to every state from Maine to Hawaii. Our Balinese sources supply us with beautiful earrings, bracelets and barrettes. And our hand crafted silver jewelry has gotten better and better ... its hard for me to believe, but my partner Terry and I have been making silver jewelry for over 30 years now ...

Terry likes working with chain, wire and beads. She makes some really wild and cool stuff.

I am more of a metal worker. I make rings, bracelets, earrings ... and lots more. I also cut and polish cabochons to set in my jewelry ... like opal, turquoise, chrysoprase and petrified wood.

This year, we're booked into 29 Manhattan street fairs. I will be working the fairs with my partner in life and business, Terry ... and my niece Melissa. I will post a schedule soon ... the first one is on April 22, and they run through November - one each weekend. Should be fun!

A couple of my hand made rings ...

This ring is set with Lapis Lazuli

This ring is set with a hand cut
Lightning Ridge black crystal opal