Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Etsy JET Team

We decided to join the Etsy JET team. This is a group of jewelry sellers on Etsy that have joined to help each other promote their shops. I have always felt there is a real benefit to having a membership in a union, trade association etc, and this in a way is very similar. I look forward to contributing what I can - ten years online has taught me quite a few things about marketing, SEO and customer service. I am also sure I can learn a lot from team members - there are new things I don't know about and the team members there are happy to share. I think its going to work out very well. Please visit the JET Team Store and the JET Blog (links on the left).


2013 ... still a JET member, and a Team Leader ... LOVE the JETS!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Back to work ...

So ... the holiday season is over, and its time to get serious about work again. We are planning what looks to be an active year; and forming a plan that will transform our business completely - from selling commercial silver jewelry to almost all handcrafted silver jewelry.

The emphasis is now on our own designs. We have been making new jewelry, and will be branching out into other jewelry forms. Many of the commercial items we have now will be used to make new handcrafted items - as component parts. Our kiln will be used more often. The one notable exception - we will continue to sell Bali silver jewelry as its handmade nature compliments our new direction. And of course silver chain will play a big part in what we do.

I have been optimizing the site for new keyword terms and have done well. The site has recently been added to several major directories and I have been adding relevant, highly ranked link partner sites. I expect we'll see an improvement soon. I do check, but don't want to get specific. I will say the site now ranks at #2 on the first page at Live.com (MSN search) for my target keyword. Not bad, but .. if that happens on Google I will do a REAL happy dance ...

Next on the list is our Etsy shop. I have new jewelry to list ... I have to take pictures of it. I added our Etsy shop to the listings at craftfaironline.com and at entireweb.com so the links will be picked up by search engines. I have also been looking at several Etsy "street teams" - groups of Etsy sellers who join to promote their shops.

MainStreetMallOnline is another venue I need to pay attention to. That also is a place we sell our handmade jewelry, and it needs some work. I have room to put a lot more stuff in the store ... I just need to make time for it, and will.

We are DETERMINED to find a good place to sell outside (offline). Artists and Fleas is good ... but not busy enough with customers looking for what we have on a steady basis. Our jewelry runs to the expensive side, and most people need an occasion to buy it. We are looking into a less expensive line for places like A&F. We want steady offline work ... not just at Holiday time.

The blog. I love it. But I am SOooooo busy ... Doesn't matter. I am GOING to post more often.

Back to work on Jewelry24Seven ...