Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Charm Bracelets - Traditional and More Popular Than Ever!

Many people like to celebrate distinctive events, including birthdays, anniversaries or other significant events. Holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah are marked with the giving of presents that hold significance for the giver and the recipient. One time-honored tradition is the gift of a charm bracelet – a means to mark highlights in a noticeable way all the time and to have the memories with you whenever you wear it.

Regardless of who gives the charm bracelet, the initial charm is usually a "Baby’s First Birthday" charm to mark the arrival of a long-awaited person, usually a daughter since these bracelets are usually worn by women. Other charms can be added over time to signify occasions that ought to be respected, from the first day of school and First Communion to Bat Mitzvah and Sweet Sixteen. Charms representing faraway locales are often added as commemorations of an amazing vacation. For example, one might include a charm depicting the Eiffel Tower as a memento of a holiday in France and a palm tree to summon up the Hawaiian Islands.

Another kind of charm bracelet is based on a sole subject like a hobby. For a person who likes to garden, an appropriate gift is a flower-themed bracelet made up of charms that look like miniature garden tools such as watering cans, spades, flower baskets, small flowers or the sun. Additional charms can be attached on other occasions, expanding on the theme. A person who likes the cold weather might appreciate a charm bracelet that features several diverse snowflakes. A charm bracelet with a Christmas theme might feature the "gifts" from the long established Twelve Days of Christmas, right down to the maids a-milking! A patriotic charm bracelet would include American flags, the Statue of Liberty, stars and other symbols of national pride; likewise, someone attracted to world history or geography might sport a charm bracelet with flags from across the globe.

Other people prefer charms that are personalized with their name, an initial or a heart-felt message. It’s a fashionable practice nowadays to put on a stylized charm bearing the name of one’s pet – your pooch’s name on a dog bone, for instance. Individual letters can be engraved in a series of single charms to spell out an idea or a motto, the name of a hometown sports team, a fraternity or a sorority, or a favorite or motivational quotation.

A very recent supplement to the charm bracelet line is a chain bracelet with fabulously hued beads "strung" on like customary bead bracelet. The most treasured of these charm beads are made with incredibly detailed multi-hued glass surrounding a metal core that is most often sterling or gold. Other charm beads are made of precious metal - sterling silver or gold set with gems or patterned metal like decorative sterling silver beads from Bali. The beads are chosen individually and new ones may be selected whenever an occasion presents itself. The order of the beads can be adjusted to fit the wearer's frame of mind or complement an outfit, since the beads can be configured in any order.

No matter what you decide to celebrate or when you begin to build it, a charm bracelet is a marvelous way to keep your sentiments right at the end of your arm where you can instantly recall a happy occasion, loved ones or anything else that is dear to your heart.

Article ©2010 Written by Terry Salimbene, co-founder of Jewelry24Seven.com, a popular retail jewelry website featuring handcrafted silver bracelets. Terry is a jewelry designer and maker located in NYC with more than 30 years experience in the jewelry business. This article may be published on websites and blogs as content as long as all links and this author's statement remain intact.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Enough of a break ...

During the summer, it gets very hot in my office and I just didn't feel up to writing every day. I have been working, but sort of put the blog aside for a while ... these things tend to happen now and then. Of course eventually its time to get back to the old routine ... and so here it is - this is my first post in a couple of months!

I'm going to take this blog in a new direction. We'll have to see how it shakes out, but ... I'm planning on a series of articles about - no surprise here - handmade jewelry! Not anyone or any specific artist like in the past; although I may spotlight one or two here and there. More of a general series with articles that appeal to a wider audience. I've been writing articles for blog syndication, and some of them would work very well here; and of course I'll write exclusive content just for this blog as well. So here's to new things, a new direction and and a new season ...

I think things are going to get very interesting around here! Bob:J24-7