Friday, February 8, 2008


I am SO happy its February! To me, it means the winter is on its way out ... and that brings lots of activity and new opportunities. The Super Bowl is over, baseball is on the way and everything turns green soon. We're planning on doing some craft fairs this year instead of the street fair circuit, and our focus on handcrafted jewelry has given us a great basis to build on.

I have so many things going on "the stove" right now I don't have time to think. But I know it'll all work out well ... I have increased our web presence quite a bit and we're in a good place now. If the economy doesn't tank we'll do just fine.

I am very happy we joined the JET Team on Etsy. I firmly believe working with them will help us sell more there, AND also think that I can contribute a lot to the group. We are going to contribute a prize for the St. Patricks Day Treasure Hunt, and will be participating - so watch for an announcement here - I'll post the details when they become available!

Still selling handcrafted rings and more on Jewelry24Seven ...

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