Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy July ...

So here we are in July, and the weather in NY isn't much like summer yet ... but at least we have a bit of sun now. June was so wet ... it rained something like 20 days last month. I've been doing lots of garden work - actually, battling weeds in the backyard ... and all that rain made them grow so fast I could hardly keep up with it. One good thing ... my habanero pepper plants are SO green ... and they are getting lots of flowers so I know I'm gonna be making lots of hot sauce this year ...!

Yeah, I know ... I'm supposed to write about the jewelry thing here ...

So I've stepped up the activity on Twitter and I'm getting a Facebook page set up. The JETs have been really great and are excellent promoters, so I'm not alone ... we've done a lot in a short time with social bookmarks on Del.icio.us and blog linking. The next target ... Stumbleupon. Eventually we're going to be a lot more visible ... working together helps a lot.

AND ... the entire contents of the Etsy shop is searchable - all of our handmade silver jewelry is now on Google Products! I set up an RSS feed upload to Google Base so it uploads automatically once a week. Nice tool ... Thanks, Etsy!

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