Tuesday, August 5, 2008

OK, so I'm a bad blogger!

Yeah, I know. I've been neglecting the ole blog. Sure, I AM busy, but I could write about it ...

So we're not doing street fairs this year. Learned THAT lesson. Kinda stinks being inside working on the PC all day. Every day. Lately, even on weekends ... but we're getting stuff done.

Learned some lessons the hard way. The blog advertising I was paying for was actually costing us more than money. I saw a couple of webmaster blogs that mentioned the name of the ad service I was using in a very bad way ... apparently Google was punishing sites that sold - and bought - ads through them. My site was perfect, but I couldn't get to the top of the Google search results. So I thought "maybe this is why" ... and ended the advertising after almost two years. And ... two months later ...

The site is now in the top ten results for the search term "handcrafted silver jewelry" on Google. Not only is this saving us $220.00 a month in advertising fees ... but we're getting more sales!

Today I did a Google Base feed for my chains. Next I'm gonna do the jewelry in our Etsy store ...

I really should have blogged about the two times we went to see the Cure in NYC ... WOW!

Started a NEW Etsy shop. Not much in it, yet ... but there will be:


I'll do my best to visit again soon ... Bob

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