Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So ... We're into April ...

I have been doing the basic stuff that I never seem to have time for lately. My BIG project was my site's link directory. That took me over two weeks of dedicated work. It went from over 800 links to about 335. I had to visit every url, and most were either 404 pages, placeholders for domain resellers or sites that simply don't link back - many without any links at all. I expect the search engine spiders will be very happy with this housecleaning ...

I do try to make jewelry ... it is good for me to get away from the computer for a while. The extremely talented glass artist Tara C. of Combustion Glassworks made some fabulous dichroic cabochons for me, and I've had lots of fun making pieces with them - see our Etsy Mini above.

I miss going out to sell. I would LOVE to do a few craft fairs. No more street fairs, though. And we have done the flea market thing to death. It is just NOT worth the time. Or expense.

I have been considering selling through retail boutiques. I don't sell through any at present but may approach a few. I have lots of opportunities here in NYC ... there are small upscale shops in every borough.

I had three articles written for us, and have written four myself. Please feel free to copy them and use them as content on your blog or website ... the author information, links and copyright information must not be altered and must appear as it does in the original. Here they are ...








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