Thursday, December 6, 2007

Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn on Saturday December 8

So ... I've been very busy this week. Had lots of chains to put together and get out ... the site is coming along well. I spent some time optimizing the index page for a new target phrase, and can see results already - I watch our search engine positioning very carefully.

I also dropped the affiliate relationship we had with Plum Island Silver. I just wasn't happy with the arrangement. Our shoppers trust us to offer them only the best quality jewelry; I like to see the merchandise personally before I offer it for sale, and you can't do that with a catalog company. And to be honest, the stuff is everywhere ... they have thousands of affiliates. I am taking the site back to its original focus - handcrafted silver jewelry. I want it to be DIFFERENT - not the same as every other silver jewelry site.

We're looking forward to another Saturday at Artists and Fleas on December 8. The crowds are getting pretty serious - lots of foot traffic. We really like it there. We'll have to see what happens ... we'll probably want some time off in February but for now ...

It gets pretty cold in there. It's a concrete and cinderblock warehouse. The door is open all day. There are two propane heaters ... but they don't really do the job. We have a secret to warmth ... we use those foot and hand warmers that hunters like so much. I have never been a fan of winter ... I can't wait for spring already. BRRR!!!!! But the people are great ... and SO talented. I have a guy bringing me a custom made Robert Smith mousepad ... WOW! For those who don't know who RS is ... his band the Cure has been my favorite since 1980 ... This guy makes the best psychedelic pop art I've seen recently. I may have to collect and frame his mousepads ...

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